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March Basic Skills Monthly Practice Group March 18, 2019 (Portland, OR) - REGISTRATION CLOSED

  • 4312 Southeast Stark Street Portland, OR, 97215 United States (map)
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Is this you?

You value effective and compassionate communication. You want to cultivate mindfulness, and skills that help you create thriving relationships.

You’ve taken an introductory workshop with Wise Heart, an introduction to NVC with another trainer, or you have read Marshall Rosenberg’s book and have started to practice in your own life. You know that these skills require consistent attention and support to integrate into your life, and you’re looking for a structured practice opportunity. You enjoy coming together in a community of shared values for this important practice.

What is it all about?

Each month in 2019, Wise Heart is offering a structured practice group focusing on the skills of Mindful Compassionate Dialogue (MCD). This is an opportunity to hone basic skills that support deeper integration of MCD practices into daily life. You can sign up for one or more practice groups separately, or join for the whole year.

March → Self-Empathy: Identifying your own Feelings & Needs

April → Empathy: Making Feelings & Needs Guesses

May →Thriving: Brainstorming Strategies for Difficult to Meet Needs

June → Say “No” with Compassion

July → Translating Comments that Trigger Reactivity

August → Basics of Dialogue

September → Empathy Role Plays

October → Intervening with Reactivity: Observations vs. Interpretations

November → Self Empathy: Creating and Using an Anchor

December → Practicing Requests: Honest Expression Role Play

What to expect:

Each class will begin with ten minutes of guided meditation. We will present an overview for our evening of practice, and then will introduce the first exercise. You will engage in structured exercises in pairs, small groups, or within the whole group. Exercises can be modified to give you more or less challenge depending on your learning edge. Exercises may include role plays. There will be an opportunity for debrief and questions after each exercise.

After the class ends, you can also optionally opt to participate in a 4-week weekly unmoderated online discussion forum with other participants from your practice group. You will have a practice opportunity for each week based on the topic from the practice group, and can share about how your practice went for that week in the online forum. If you would like to participate in the online forum, please select it as an option when you register.


  • Trainers: Sarah Zimmerman & David Zimmerman

  • Prerequisites:

    • An introductory workshop with Wise Heart, or an introduction to NVC with another trainer.

    • Or, you have read Marshall Rosenberg’s book and have started to practice in your own life.

  • When: 7pm to 9pm on March 18th

  • Where: Friends Meeting House: 4312 SE Stark, Portland OR 97215

  • Cost: $15 per class