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Are you feeling hopeless about getting stuck in the same old arguments and would like a way out?

It’s painful to get caught in criticism, blame, and anger, and leave a conversation feeling lost about how to get understanding and resolution.

You can hold deep values about honesty and caring, and still find yourself in a battlefield of words.

Living and speaking from authenticity and peace is possible, and it doesn’t take years of therapy.

Mindful Compassionate Dialogue, a synergistic blend of Compassionate Communication (also called Nonviolent Communication (NVC)), Hakomi, and Mindful practice, provides clarity about why things don’t work and practical tools that naturally open the heart. Working from this new framework, relationships with yourself and others become easier and more fulfilling.

My name is LaShelle Lowe-Chardé. I have helped thousands of people gain the skills and understanding they need to create honest, caring relationships with partners, family, friends, and co-workers.


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Portland, OR Workshops

We offer workshops for couples and individuals in Portland, Oregon. We also offer a select number of Video Conferencing workshops for individuals that can be attended through video conferencing, or can be completed at your own pace at home.


Online Offerings

Don’t live near Portland, Oregon? We have offerings online for couples and individuals.


Feelings & Needs Cards

This deck of 219 feelings and needs cards will help you find your way through a difficult dialogue and to connection. The feelings cards are designed to make use of the right brain, so that connecting to feelings can be more than finding the right word. Color schemes help you find feeling tones along a continuum.

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