Video Conferencing or Self-Paced Courses

Want the feel of an in-person course, but aren’t local? Check out our Video Conferencing or Self-Paced courses. The Video Conference attendees participate over Zoom Video Conferencing system, where they are able to see and interact with LaShelle, as well as other participants. Self-Paced attendees watch the video recording of the Video Conference session (participant questions can be heard through audio, but only LaShelle is on the video recording). Both Video Conference and Self-Paced attendees have access to an online discussion forum where they can answer a weekly discussion prompt related to that week’s session. Both also have access to getting paired with an “Empathy Buddy.” This is a unique opportunity to interact with folks from all over the world!

practicing with anger workshop.jpg

Practicing With Anger - Eight Week Series Beginning October 4, 2019 (Video Conferencing Or Self-Paced)

Whether it is anger in yourself or anger in others, knowing how to meet anger opens the door to patience and confidence. Anger is a valid feeling that serves a purpose. It helps bring attention to what matters, however, it is not helpful for then deciding what to do. Join us and learn how to allow anger to serve its purpose and then shift out of anger to take wise and compassionate action.

I am continually impressed by LaShelle’s ability to go to the heart of an issue and speak with clarity and insight.
— Student