Video Conferencing or Self-Paced Courses

Want the feel of an in-person course, but aren’t local? Check out our Video Conferencing or Self-Paced courses. The Video Conference attendees participate over Zoom Video Conferencing system, where they are able to see and interact with LaShelle, as well as other participants. Self-Paced attendees watch the video recording of the Video Conference session (participant questions can be heard through audio, but only LaShelle is on the video recording). Both Video Conference and Self-Paced attendees have access to an online discussion forum where they can answer a weekly discussion prompt related to that week’s session. Both also have access to getting paired with an “Empathy Buddy.” This is a unique opportunity to interact with folks from all over the world!

attachment theory and relationship skills workshop portland.jpg

Attachment Theory And Relationship Skills - Eight Week Series Beginning March 29, 2019 (Self-Paced)

This series will help you understand how the psychological system of attachment impacts your relationships and how you can take action to cultivate relationship skills that build emotional security in personal relationships.

This course has already started, but you may join up to two weeks from the start date.

LaShelle, I appreciate how connected you are to your source, how gentle you are with the people you work with and how succinct your observations and suggestions are. You are truly walking YOUR path. It is inspiring to witness and amazing to be the recipient of your gifts and talents.
— Student

empathic listening online course learn empathy

Empathic Listening - Eight Week Series Beginning July 26, 2019 (Video Conferencing Or Self-Paced)

This series will give you an opportunity to learn to listen from the heart. You will learn to connect to another's experience without losing yourself. 

Thank you for the deep insight, kindness, and encouragement you offer so freely. This is hard work, but you provide a gentle holding space that makes it possible. I think you are providing an invaluable service to our community and to the world!
— Student