Feelings and Needs cards

Feelings and Needs cards


These feelings and needs cards will help you find your way through a difficult dialogue and to connection. The feelings cards are designed to make use of the right brain, so that connecting to feelings can be more than finding the right word. Color schemes help you find feeling tones along a continuum.

You can simply leave these cards out on the coffee table to shuffle through as you reflect on an experience or decision or engage with someone close to you. You can also follow instructions for specific exercises such as appreciation, self-empathy, and empathy.

The total set contains 219 cards: 88 universal needs cards and 131 feelings cards. Lists to make smaller decks are provided. For example, you can use the reactivity deck to isolate cards most associated with reactivity. You can also use a small deck of 15 feelings cards and from there find use the color continuum to identify more nuance in feelings.

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Using the feelings and needs cards really made me feel heard. Even when some of the experiences I shared were difficult, it allowed me to process emotions about it in a way that I had never done before. It helped me choose the intensity of emotions and pairing them with the need cards helped to validate my feelings. So thank you Wise Heart for developing such valuable tools!