Pre-Recorded Courses

These are Video Conferencing Courses that were recorded. You will be able to hear the questions and comments of participants that who took the course live and see LaShelle on video.


 Life Serving Boundaries - Eight Week Series (Pre-Recorded)

Learning to set boundaries with yourself and others helps you create a life that is balanced and nourishing. Learn what Life Serving Boundaries are from the framework of Mindful Compassionate Dialogue.

I feel a deep appreciation for the presence, integrity, & skill that LaShelle offers and am so grateful to have experienced this work.
— Student


Self-Empathy: Living from a Kind and Centered Place in Yourself - eight Week Series (Pre-Recorded)

You might find it easier to be more compassionate with others than with yourself. You can even name other's needs before identifying your own. You would like to make peace with your inner critics and be able consider your own needs as much as do those of others. This course is for anyone who would like to live from a centered and confident place. 

Thank you for the deep insight, kindness, and encouragement you offer so freely. This is hard work, but you provide a gentle holding space that makes it possible. I think you are providing an invaluable service to our community and to the world!
— Student


Transforming Reactivity I - Eight Week Series (Pre-Recorded)

You value conscious compassionate relationships yet find yourself getting caught in your own reactive patterns and those of others. You want freedom and healing around past pain that comes up and gets projected onto the present.  You would like to unhook yourself and stand up for for what you value and need as well as be present for others.  This course is for individuals.

I am continually impressed by LaShelle’s ability to go to the heart of an issue and speak with clarity and insight.
— Dee Packard (Portland, Oregon)


Attachment Theory & Relationship Skills - Eight Week Series (Pre-Recorded)

This series will help you understand how the psychological system of attachment impacts your relationships and how you can take action to cultivate relationship skills that build emotional security in personal relationships.

Thank you for helping me save my relationships.
— Student


Bringing Light to Shame - Eight Week Series (Pre-Recorded)

You know shame sometimes lurks around in the dark corners of your consciousness and you are ready to shine a light there. You recognize that shame can also happen in the smallest of moments. It might be a moment that you don't stand up for yourself or make your needs less important. You are ready to take a look at what triggers shame and connect to the vulnerable feelings and needs underneath. In this series you will learn to bring shame fully into the light of consciousness and build a compassionate and skillful relationship to it.

I took the Bringing Light to Shame class that started in September of 2015. My experience of shame has fundamentally changed as a result. It isn’t that I no longer experience shame, I do. It just doesn’t have the same hold on me. It comes and goes much more quickly, and more often I experience a sense of regret for my choices, actions or words. More often I’ll now feel badly about what I’ve done rather than who I am. The experience of regret is more manageable and productive for me being that it often leads to a strategy to change course.
— Dedicated Student