Mindful Compassionate Dialogue:
At At-Home Course for Couples  

This 28 week course is for couples who are committed to cultivating a conscious, thriving relationship. Each week, you are asked to set aside 60-90 minutes for simple, yet powerful, experiential learning exercises with your partner. Whether you have been together many years, or are just starting out, this course can help you master relationship competencies that will serve you for a lifetime. Sign up for each Part as you go, or save by signing up for the entire course.

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Part 1: Communication Basics for Couples

This introductory 7-week course is for couples who value authenticity, connection, self-responsibility, and mindfulness. Whether you have been together many years or are just starting out, this course can enrich and support your relationship.

Connection and new insight with one another brought more intimacy and love.
— Couple

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Part 2: Self Empathy and Reactivity for Couples

Part 2 of this course builds upon the basics you learned in the introduction to Mindful Compassionate Dialogue and helps you gain understanding and skill at the next level of complexity. Part 2 is for couples who are ready learn skills in self empathy, and how to recognize and manage reactivity both individually and together.

Working with my partner to understand how to communicate when they are experiencing reactivity improved our ability to connect even when we are in a reactive state.
— Couple

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Part 3: Thriving Together for Couples

Part 3 of this course asks you to make use of the skills you learned in Parts 1 and 2 to enter into complex relationship dynamics regarding needs based negotiation, setting life serving boundaries, and building thriving and resiliency.

It was a helpful reminder of the benefit, for my well-being and for the well-being of our partnership, of being in touch with and savoring gratitude.
— Couple

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Part 4: Core Relationship Dynamics for Couples

Part 4 of this course addresses some of the most difficult and subtle aspects of relationship: relationship repair, emotional security, and healthy differentiation. You will be relieved to find these competencies broken down into specific and doable skills that you can practice and refine long term.

Practicing coming from a place of security and celebrating differentiation is already helping me in my relationship. I can see my reactivity and its causes more clearly, and feel more at choice in how I respond to the feelings that arise in me.
— Couple