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Couples Intermediate Dialogue - Four-Week Series Beginning May 21, 2019 (Portland, OR)

  • 4312 Southeast Stark Street Portland, OR, 97215 United States (map)
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Is this you?

You have been practicing Mindful Compassionate Dialogue (MCD) or Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and you are ready for the next level of practice.

You value both the intimacy and respect for each other’s autonomy that comes with communicating and connecting in this way.

You would like specific, individualized support in engaging in effective and connected dialogue with your partner. You are ready for help with using the MCD dialogue structure and making it a more fluent part of your relationship.

You know that sometimes reactivity or old habits get in your way, and you would benefit from structured practice.

What is it all about?

For this intermediate couples series you will focus exclusively on dialogue practice, primarily using the Dialogue Dance Cards. You will have the opportunity to practice two dialogues a night with your partner. For one of those dialogues, you will have a dialogue coach with you for the entire dialogue. The coach will help you to make use of the structure and access effective practice.

This will not be couples therapy. You won’t be guided into past pain for healing work. Instead, you will be coached in using the process to communicate with your partner and staying focused on the present-moment experience. When reactivity arises, you will be coached to step to the ”anchor” card and find your center again. Most likely, you will be guided to anchor much more often than you might at home. This practice of tracking reactivity is essential in enabling you to effectively engage the dialogue structure.

What to expect:

Each class will begin with ten minutes of mindfulness. This will be an opportunity to practice your anchor and to contribute to the positive habit of bringing mindfulness to dialogue with your partner.

You will bring two dialogue topics with you for each class. You will have a few minutes to prepare for dialogue individually. For the first round of dialogues, three couples will choose to work on their own and three couples will work with a coach. The couples will switch for the second round. You will be using the dialogue dance cards and your feelings and needs list or cards for every dialogue.  

You will have an opportunity to share what you’ve learned and ask questions in a whole-group debrief between dialogues.