Couples Workshop: One Day Introduction to Mindful Compassionate Dialogue on March 16, 2019 (Portland, OR)

Couples Workshop: One Day Introduction to Mindful Compassionate Dialogue on March 16, 2019 (Portland, OR)

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Is this you?

Finding the words to say how you feel and what's important to you can be difficult. You would like to express yourself in a way your partner can  hear you without defensiveness and misunderstandings. You would like to listen to your partner in the same way.

Saying what's really true for you, being heard, and hearing your partner deeply is one of the most satisfying aspects of relationships.  Learning these skills doesn't just help with conflict, it also helps to build a solid foundation for your relationship.

This workshop is a fit for any couple that has enough connection to share vulnerably and work collaboratively in learning and practicing new skills. 

What is it all about?

You will spend the day learning and practicing with your partner in structured experiential exercises.  Many of these exercises incorporate  mindfulness. You will learn using examples that you choose from your own life.  We will debrief the exercises in the whole group.  You can participate in the debrief by sharing or by listening silently.  You will not be asked to reveal details of your relationship with the group.  Partners are asked to only speak for themselves, not sharing any details about their partner without in the moment expressed permission.

The trainer and three assistants will be available during exercises to help you get the most from your experience and clarify the exercises as needed.

You will get to learn and practice with the following:  

Misunderstandings - begin to identify the language that interferes with connected and clear communication.

Appreciation - Learning to give and receive appreciation lays a foundation for a vibrant relationship and the ability to meet challenges with skill and grace. 

Self-Empathy & Reactivity - learn to name and interrupt reactivity before it takes over and create an internal dialogue of compassion for yourself.

Honesty and asking for what you want:  Express your feelings, needs, and requests in a way your partner can receive more easily.

Empathy - learn to listen for the truth of what your partner is saying regardless of the words they use. 

Needs Based Negotiation - learn what it means to really stay focused on all needs present and how this can support creativity and flexibility.


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