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Two-Hour Introductory Workshop for Couples on August 17, 2019 (Portland, OR)

  • 4312 Southeast Stark Street Portland, OR, 97215 United States (map)
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It can be maddening to find yourself going around and around with your partner over the same issues. You need a way to break out of the dynamic that leaves you feeling disconnected.

What goes wrong?

You and your partner are suddenly disconnected and arguing about missing a turn while driving. The content is trivial, but there is something important underneath, if only you could name it.

Mindful Compassionate Dialogue helps you name the real issues and address them effectively. The real issues are universal: love, respect, understanding, being heard & seen, caring, consideration, trust, intimacy — to name a few. Unfortunately these are communicated indirectly; for example, “You never listen to me!” could be more directly communicated like this: “Hearing you give me advice, I feel frustrated because I want to be heard. Would you be willing to tell me what you are hearing me rather than giving advice?”

I can categorically say that our marriage is stronger after having taken your classes.
— Student (Portland, Oregon)

What to expect:

An introduction to Mindful Compassionate Dialogue.

  • Practice using skills with your partner and opportunity for questions.

  • There will be no small group work in this workshop so you won't need to share anything about your relationship with me or with the group.  

  • You will only be working with your partner in structured exercises. 

  • You will hear common questions and concerns from other couples that you give you a sense of acceptance and normalcy for the issues you and your partner face.

  • You will receive a handout that will help you continue to practice at home.

The objectives for the workshop are:

Walk away with an experience of the power of empathy and understand how it differs from other offerings of support such as sympathy, consoling, educating, and problem solving. 

  • Get a glimpse of how identifying the universal values/needs in a conflict can release you from stuckness, and help you find a new way forward. 

  • Learn about a major source of reactivity called "tender needs," and how you can learn to prevent and manage reactivity.


  • Trainer: LaShelle Lowe-Chardé

  • Assistants: Sarah Zimmerman

  • Prerequisites: None

  • When: Saturday, 10am - 12pm, August 17, 2019

  • Where: Friends Meeting House
    4312 SE Stark, Portland OR 97215

  • Cost: $30.00 per couple



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