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We Live to Serve

Sometimes in the practice of NVC, you can lose sight of the consciousness and foundation. I had an experience last weekend that reminded me of the larger purpose of NVC.

I was up doing breakfast preparations as my partner was snuggled in bed. As I left him to do another task, I said, "I live to serve." I was being playful in the moment but after the words were spoken, I felt a sense of satisfaction and resonance with the deeper truth of those words. I do live to serve. In my heart of heart there is nothing I want more than to contribute to life.

I am not alone in this of course. Serving life is the purpose and deepest longing of every person's life (according to the NVC consciousness).

The beauty and miracle of cultivating a NVC consciousness of clear observations, feelings, needs, and requests is that it allows this service to be ever more subtle and meaningful.

Take a moment now to feel into your own heart of hearts and your longing to contribute meaningfully to life. Then acknowledge at least three times that you have felt satisfied with providing a sense of contribution and service this week.

*click here for a list of feelings and universal needs and an empathy guide.

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