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Mindful Compassionate Dialogue: An at home course for couples

Is this for you?

You value your relationship and want to support it with essential skills and a nuanced understanding of what makes a relationship healthy and supportive.  You and your partner are able to make and keep agreements when it comes to facing challenges and pursuing learning and growth.  Whether you are in a new relationship or have been together for many skills, you are ready and willing to reflect on your own thoughts, feelings, needs, habits, and behavior.  You understand that shared vulnerability is essential for the well being of your partnership and for access to change.

The benefits of Mindful Compassionate Dialogue:

  • Empowers you to create the change you want in your relationship
  • Works naturally to create a secure bond and healthy differentiation
  • Empowers you to be your whole authentic self and still honor the relationship
  • Helps you gain a confident and secure relationship to your needs
  • Supports the cultivation of self-compassion and mindfulness
  • Teaches you to manage reactivity
  • Gives you a new understanding of boundaries and how to set them
  • Offers tools to negotiate with connection and creativity
  • Opens the door to thriving & resiliency
What to Expect?

This is a comprehensive course that couples can access online and complete at home on their own schedule.  The purpose of this course is to provide greater access for couples around the world to gain the skills they need to succeed in relationship and thereby be a contribution to their families and communities.  It will be hosted on an online learning managment system (LMS).

The course is organized around 12 Relationship competencies: Appreciation, Empathy, Honest Expression, Self Empathy, Recognizing Reactivity, Managing Reactivity, Needs Based Negotiation, Life Serving Boundaries, Thriving & Resiliency, Relationship Repair, Emotional Security, and Healthy Differentiation nine underlying foundations.  Each competency is defined and practiced through six sub-skills that make up that competency.  The entire course is 28 weeks long and divided into four parts of seven weeks each.  The first part is the only part that will be sold separately for the introductory price of $195
  • Each 7 week section or part of the course includes the following:
    • Comprehensive reference handouts, 21 practice exercises, 21 lectures on three relationship competences, 77 videos (videos are 5 minutes or less), an easy to use online interface, quizzes to test your learning.
    • Each week includes:
      • Three learning objectives with a short practice exercise for each.
      • The course dedicates two weeks to each competency.
      • Each relationship competency is made up of six skills and has corresponding six exercises.
      • Eleven instructional videos of less than 5 minutes each.
        • The videos include:  Benefits of learning the particular competency for the week, guided mindfulness, explanation of the objective/skill, instructions for the exercise, and a demonstration of each exercise.
      • Reference handouts for study and use with the exercises.



Online Course
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