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Mindfulness & NVC Advanced Training (Salem, OR)

The themes for this one day workshop are:

  • Integrity and Judgment of Others
  • Balance Empathy with Honest Expression
  • Reactivity and Fighting for a Cause

Integrity and Judgment of Others

Working with integrity and judgment of others is one the most important practices you can engage.  Integrity in this context means to be living and speaking in alignment with universal values.  

LaShelle, I appreciate how connected you are to your source, how gentle you are with the people you work with and how succinct your observations and suggestions are. You are truly walking YOUR path. It is inspiring to witness and amazing to be the recipient of your gifts and talents.

Judgment of others most typically arises from a sense of threat to those values.  Under threat, you likely find yourself feeling angry.  Anger feeds judgment and judgment feeds anger.  Neither contributes to wise action or the greater good.

Judgment of others is often used as a shield to protect against feeling grief or fear, and to keep others at bay.  The result is more suffering and confusion about how to live in integrity.

It is a delicate matter to live in integrity, allow the vulnerability of grief or fear, offer compassion, and set clear boundaries to protect life.

In this workshop we will practice dissolving obstacles to compassion and cultivating the consciousness and skills that you allow you live from integrity.

Balance Empathy with Honest Expression

When you discover the magic of empathy, you might encounter the temptation to stay there even when your own feelings and needs are wanting expression.

As you begin to offer empathy in more and more interactions you will likely find that most people are starved for empathy. A little bit of empathy can open a floodgate of feelings and needs for them and they jump at the chance to be heard.

The more skilled you become the longer you can continue to stay present to their feelings and needs and the more they open and express. It's easy for the interaction to become one sided.

Setting boundaries with empathy and skillfully bringing your own feelings and needs forward is essential to creating fulfilling and balanced relationships.  We will learn about the dynamic and sustainable flow of empathy and honest expression and how to cultivate balance.

Reactivity and Fighting for a Cause

Regardless of the cause you have chosen, it is your ability to embody compassion and wisdom moment by moment that truly inspires others.  Unfortunately, if you don't find support to manage your emotions and engage skillfully in your cause, you will likely become reactive.  The anger, fear, grief, and desperation you feel about the cause activates other past and present events in your life associated with these emotions and the feelings intensify.  This tragic thing is that underneath that reactivity you really do care.  You really do want to contribute.

We will take a look at how to track reactivity about a cause in your body, heart and mind and practice skills to help yourself and others return to groundedness in a given moment.

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9:30am - 5:00pm, Saturday November 18, 2017
Catholic Community Service Headquarters
3737 Portland Rd.NE, Salem OR 97301
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To Register:  Call Alice: 503.569.1282, Email:
Register today for an EARLY BIRD discount.
Max: 30 people
Sunday workshop on November 19 led by Fred Sly:  
Setting and Maintaining Boundaries
Bringing Light to Shame
Being heard
$125 if you sign up for both days